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As a china painter, I have tons of the glazed tiles around, and I started thinking about altering them instead of painting.


Put on the alcohol inks directly from the bottle, blend them with your blending tool to desired “pattern”


As soon as the alcohol ink has dried completely, stamp and emboss, but be careful… Be sure to work on a heat-proof working area and don’t touch the tiles until they have cooled off! They get very, very HOT!

This is another tile I made with different colors and a different stamp


You don’t want to emboss? Try this one instead


Attach peel-off stickers to your tile, add alcohol inks as desired, let dry completely and remove the stickers. Easy, huh?

Another thing to do with alco inks and embossing is your own transparencies. Be sure to use a transparency that is heat resistant (I use the overhead films made for laser copiers, they work great and can be found at a very reasonable price).

Stamp your image, add embossing powder and tap off excess powder. You don’t have to be THAT careful, as the powder won’t attach to the transparency as it does to paper. Stray powders can easily be removed using your fingernail after heat embossing. Put on the alco inks as desired – directly from the bottle if you want – and blend/mix them. Let dry. If you get alco inks outside the image, don’t worry. It can easily be removed using a Q-tip dipped in alcohol (rubbing or denatured). You have to be a bit careful, though, when using these transparencies, as the embossing gets a bit brittle. But they sure look nice…!


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Mini-brads comes in a large variety of colors, but as I like medium and large sized ones, the choices are a bit narrow… So I started to buy office type brads and make them the color I want! Here’s how


Hold your brads with a tweezer, because they get HOT!


Heat them with an embossing tool or heat gun.


Dip them in desired embossing powder. Heat again. Repeat if necessary (regular embossing powder usually requires two layers).


This is the result of using Ranger Embossing Puffs (one layer). Aren’t they gorgeous?!?

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