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Blog Candy at Nettans

Geez, can you believe she’s giving away these goodies? Check it out here!

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I bought a candle plate some time ago, lovely brown color with a shimmery backdrop. After some time I wanted to clean it – but the brown color came off! So I started to think about how to alter it, because I thought that silver backdrop was a bit too shiny.

Alcohol Inks, and some pictures printed from internet, and Liquid Laminate from Beacon was my solution, and I think it turned out nice!

The beautiful ladies can be printed from Digital Collage Sheets / The Ladies Closet.

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Duh, haven’t I cleaned enough? Obviously not! I’ve got some more pics for you today, and as usual you can click on them for a larger view.

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Yep, still behind on the postings… So I give you another bunch of pictures to look at! Click on the pictures for a larger view.

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Cleaning the files, part 3

So you want some more pictures to look at? Here they are! Click on the pictures for larger views.

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