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I took a deep dive down in my bead stash and found tons of things to use! All those boxes with left-over beads are now being made as decorations and embellishments for my layouts. I have this thing for seed beads – the smaller, the better! – and have used them to make “ribbons”, fringes and small flowers. And I can do it while watching tv…


Besides the beaded fringe I found a crocheted tablecloth and a flower made from polymer clay.



For this LO I made a three-bead netting:



I used Matsuno 11/0 beads in a lovely pinkish color that was perfect for the papers.


Small flowers and a “ribbon” made from Matsuno 8/0’s


My favorite bead supplier is Zionesse – go check them out! They have everything you need to make lovely beaded embellishments, and some scrapbooking stuff, too! Put fast and friendly service to that, and that’s why they’re my favorites.

Now I have some more ideas on what to do with these small beads – so back to the working table while I watch Lie to Me…

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Sometimes my fingers wants to do something else, not scrap. So these past few days I’ve made some necklaces.

The shiny stuff is infact beads from aluminum! Laser cut motifs, and I just love them! Why didn’t I get them in all colors? Lightweight, yet sturdy, and such bright colors!

The brown striped beads are Brown Zebra Stone. I really liked them, but they were hard to mix with other beads, I couldn’t find just the right color for them. Tried everything from white to black, but decided that brown was the color to go for. And crystal clear. That goes with everything!

The black star is Picasso Jasper, the other black stones on that necklace is Black Agate. I love agates…

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