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Pink, I think…

In this house it’s not easy to avoid pink. With two daughters and two granddaughters there ought to be a lot of pink! And it seems like they all have this color as their favorite.



I had great fun with the chipboard die-cut (Ellison ornament) when I was about to cover it with something. I started with covering it with KlaeberFix, and after about 30 minutes I sprinkled UTEE Britez Fuchsia over it. Just sprinkled, not covered. Heated and melted the UTEE and found out the KlaeberFix was still tacky! So I put some Doodlebug Velvet between the UTEE speckles and ended with a lovely structure.


I have recently taken up beading again – just making embellishments, not jewelry. This net is a 3-bead basic net made with Matsuno 11/0’s.


One of the flowers is also a beaded creation, a bit tricky to find out how to make it so a tutorial will be posted later!




Some beaded flowers here, too. The princess crown is from Panduro (sale buy) and painted with Ranger Crackle Paint. Love this…



More of those beaded flowers:


And a beaded fringe (part from one of my own necklace patterns):


No, I didn’t find any pictures of Jessica to use!

Papers are almost all S.E.I., flowers are Prima, mulberry roses and BossKut.

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… när tåget går, ut i vida världen!


En Primastämpel på acetat med Glue Pad och Doodlebug Velvet Flock över. På bilden under en Bo Bunny-stämpel, också med Flock.




Jag ville inte ha ett grönt löv här… Så fram med UTEE Britez-burken och färga saken Fuchsia!


Färgat skelettblad, stämpel på acetat (här har jag använt VersaMagic) och blommor med stämpel och Ranger Embossing Puffs.



Tyll i knapparna? Näpp. Vitlöksnät…


Det här var några LO’s jag gjorde under sommaren och hösten – och jag har faktiskt inte den blekaste aning om varför jag inte laddat upp dem tidigare! Det var väl hjärndimman som slog till igen.

Vi kan väl fortsätta med samma kalas?


Ser du älvan på tagen? Distressad, stämplad med VersaMark, på med PearlEx och därefter en sväng med UTEE-burken och heta pistolen.


Sen tar vi nåt helt annat – nåja, tjej är det, så samma sort, men mycket mindre! Min lilla sockertopp Peyton – barnbarnet alltså.


Älvan på tagen kommer från Stämpelboden, stämplad med VersaMark och penslad med PearlEx. Nyckeln kommer från Maya Road och har fått sig en omgång UTEE i guld och sen olivgrön chalk över det.


Skelettbladet har fått litet UTEE i guld på sig – bara lite grann.


Det stora fotohörnet kommer från Svartvik Papper och är våtembossat, jag har gått över det med Fluid Chalk.


Och så en liten trollslända! Det är en smyckesdetalj som kommer från Fire Mountain Gems.


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This is one of those titles that is impossible to translate into English as it’s a wordplay in Swedish. It can be read Building Project or Bridge Project.

Supplies: PP: Calambour, alphas: Cuttlebug Olivia in doublesided tape covered with Doodlebug Flocking Velvet, buttons: DressItUp, stamp: Autumn Leaves.

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Every Thursday we give a class at KTCrafts Message Board, this is the one I did this week:

Glitter, flock and foil comes in many variations, I have picked a few of them to work with today. There are also many ways of adhering them, far more than I will describe! 1. I bought the Flock and Glitter set from ATB, and this was so fun to work with! The set comes with 4 different flocks, 2 glitters and a bottle of glue, and there are many different glue-sheets to buy, too!

2. Cut out the image you want to use.

3. Take off the paper and put it where you want it – you need to get it exactly in place as it sticks easily. Rub on the plastic sheet to get it to adhere well. Take the plastic sheet away.

4. Sprinkle the flock or glitter over the image, a little at a time.

5. A soft brush made by natural hair is very useful – do not use synthetic brushes as these become static. Brush the flock/glitter on the image.

6. The result:7. You can also adhere these products with doublesided tape foil – I do that very often using my Cuttlebug or Ellison dies! It does not work with QK and BossKut, these dies are not thick enough to go through the tape foil. Attach the tape foil and rub on it to make it adhere better. Hey, wait… I need to get those dots over “O” to make a Swedish “Ö”… For this I use the ZIG 2-Way-Glue, which gets non-permanent if you let it dry.

8. Remove the paper from the cut outs, and sprinkle glitter over. Attach it using your fingertip or a brush. Brush or tap off the excess glitter.9. Using another cut out, I put foliating foil (the same kind as used when printing napkins) over it, rub on the foil with your finger nail and lift off.

If you think the foil looks funny… I got it from a photo shop nearby who prints on photos – one roll of leftover gold foil. They have only used one side of it. Here it is:

10. Now off to try the glue that came with the Glitter and Flock set… I was not impressed by it, as it ran very easily through the nozzle creating small lakes of glue. I used a Q-tip to take the most off. Then put the brush down in the flock and tapped it on the glue. It worked! 11. Next test: ZIG Two-Way glue, chisel tip. I wrote text with it and dabbed flock on top.

12. And now on to the Doodlebug Sugar Coating – which has become one of my favorites. I used a cutout, sprinkled the Sugar Coating over and used my brush to get it even.

And now I have an LO using all these techniques and materials that looks like this:

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