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Ingen titel, ingen journaling!

Men vad är nu detta? Ett helt album utan ett enda ord? Jodå, det går för sig…

Det här albumet har jag gjort till min kära svägerska, och tanken är att hon själv ska få sätta ord till bilderna, helt sina egna. Därför har jag lämnat plats för såväl journaling som titlar.

Klicka på bilderna för att se dem i större format.


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Write away!

What’s all this fuzz about journaling? Many scrapbookers get a journaling block just because they think they NEED to do journaling. It’s not always so. Start with asking yourself who do you want to tell what? Sometimes it’s very easy to pretend that you’re talking to a friend and wants to tell what happened – write it as you would say it! Or if you want to tell your kids what they did when – write it in the same way you would say it to them.

Not all pictures needs journaling either. They can speak for themselves sometimes, then just add notes on where, when and who. That’s OK.

And then there are those pictures you want to scrap, things you want to tell, but not to anyone. Or things you aren’t ready to tell just yet. Make yourself a private album where you keep these layouts. Where you can write down what you feel, what you really want to say, things to remember. Make it your private diary with photos and mementos. Your secrets. I have one – I will show it when I’m ready to. Not before. And maybe just taking LO’s out of it and put it in the “official” albums… The rest will remain my secrets. Go on, write away as you please!


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